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Assorted material options: ABS, policarbonate, & Tranclucent material

Dimensional accuracy and repetibility

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3D printing materials


Economical material for basic applications. Good for printing concept models and mockup for display. Wide range of colors gives the ability to choose different material options for 3D printing gadgets and figurines. Z-ABS is a great solution for beginners.


  • Concept models
  • Gadgets and figurines
  • Display models
  • Models with moderate functional and testing properties
abs color


Material with translucent structure, great for prototypes of products, which are dedicated to be manufactured from glass or translucent plastic. Thanks to light-transmitting surface, Z-GLASS is applicable in automotive, industrial design and architecture projects. 


  • Concept models which are to imitate glass or translucent plastic
  • Translucent decorative elements
glass color


Material with outstanding resistance to warping during 3D printing process. Thanks to this feature Z-HIPS is excellent for making large elements such as: housing prototypes, bigger parts or architecture mockups. Z-HIPS is also resistant to solvents.


  • Models with large, flat surfaces
  • Architecture mockup
  • Prototypes of mechanical parts
  • Casing elements for testing
  • Prototypes of consumer products
hips material


Versatile material suitable for printing many different types of models. It is perfect for prototyping models with features similar to products manufactured in the injection molding technology. It’s also suitable for mechanical and chemical post-processing. Objects 3D printed with Z-ULTRAT are strong, stable and time resistant


  • Functional prototypes
  • Elements required to be durable and stable over time
  • Parts simulating properties of elements made in injection molding
ultrat material colorultrat material color

Venus de Milo 3D scan


Material highly resistant to salts, acids and alkalis, excellent for creating mechanical parts exposed to chemicals. Z-PETG is physically durable, great for prototyping diverse and demanding elements.


  • Parts required to be resistant to salts, acids or alkalis
  • Elements requiring resistance to greases and oils
  • Prototypes of mechanical parts
petg material

Printed model (ABS)


A blend of ABS and polycarbonate (PC) characterized by durability and resistance which makes it ideal for producing casings. Thanks to its resistance to high and low temperatures Z-PCABS is commonly used for producing functional prototypes.


  • Consumer electronics casings
  • Automotive parts
  • Portable multimedia players
  • Structural components
glass color3d printing finishing


3D Printing examples

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We deliver high quality prototypes quickly at cost-saving prices. Send us your files saved as .STL, .OBJ. IGES or STEP.

  • Our prototypes are very high-quality resolution products
  • We can often deliver your Prototype the very next day
  • We can offer a variety of materials such as ABS,  translucent materials, and polycarbonate.
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